6 thoughts on “Some Things Still Never Change

  1. Ah, The Official Preppy Handbook! I remember it well. It made quite a splash when it came out. The author, Lisa Birnbach, didn’t get everything exactly right, but overall she did a good job. I think of madras and gin and tonics as appropriate mostly for summer, and I’ve even heard it said that one should only drink gin and tonics between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I’m not that much of a stickler though. There’s nothing wrong with a G&T well into September in my opinion.

    1. I agree, Amy. Though I’ve never developed a taste for G&T’s, I have heard of the season starting Easter Sunday and extending, according to one friend, ‘until you have to throw on a sweater, then it’s scotch.’ New Rule: Amy’s G&T Calendar is now OMG Official, with September extensions optional.

      Please calendar madras, seersucker, and Nantucket Reds–wait, actually, would it be too much to ask if you created an OMG Calendar for various season-sensitive elements of the OMG lifestyle? You could add the logic and history behind each, and I’ll present it as a blog post from Amy…? Please think about it. Reach out to me with your thoughts directly to my email. Thanks again, Amy. Your contributions are pure gold. – BGT

  2. What are the rulings on nantucket reds and navy chinos? Lastly, Vineyard Vines – quality or preppy caricature?

    1. Hi John, I would say Easter to September 1 for Nantucket reds, open to navy chinos even though they don’t really work with a navy blazer, and Vineyard Vines are fine with me. Quality, value, traditional styling with natural fabrics…Thanks, BGT

  3. Aaaaah! The Preppy Handbook. Loved it. Still have my copy from the 80’s. I am also proud to say I have many of the Shetland sweaters and other items I wore in high school (81-84), and they are still wearable classics today.

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