7 thoughts on “The Old Money Order of Things

  1. Truer words …..

    I’d like to hear more about your reading list, if and when you have the time.

    What do you recommend? Anything you can’t live without? Maybe just the Top 17 titles and/or authors?

    Thank you,

    Best Regards, Jan (a lady ‘of a certain age’)


  2. My wife and I simply love working. It frames the day and adds a tremendous since of fulfillment. As for the rest (though we don’t like talking about it) build your base. Max out your 401K and save money (at least 16%) of net pay and auto pay your bills. We have an old laptop but it is in pristine condition since it only has one task which is to once a month run our budget program that downloads all of the financials. We look at for 10 minutes a month then get on with living life.

    Borrow a cookbook from the library and learn how to cook. A huge sack of flour costs about ten dollars. It literally takes no time at all early on Saturday morning to make a couple loaves of bread, muffins and pizza crusts for the week and the flour will last for a few months. You will be amazed how much you save by cooking from scratch.

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