4 thoughts on “Old Money Recommends…The Proper Bostonians

  1. There is a short interview with two Boston Brahmins on YouTube:
    Reporter: “Do you think there are many people in Boston who speak like you two gentlemen do?”
    Boston Brahmin: “I think there may be as many as…a thousand…out of six hundred thousand.”

  2. One more thought. There is a different perception of social hierarchy in Europe. Here, upper class is only royalty and nobility. Old money is considered upper middle class. The exact French translation is unclear to me, but perhaps one could speak of “vieilles fortunes” or “haute bourgeoisie”.

    1. thank you, JL. An excellent observation. The French class system seems to be a little more subtle. I have run into a few card-carrying members of the haute bourgeoisie. Truly a species unto themselves. – BGT

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