Old Money, Old Age

“I stay current. I read. I start conversations with people I don’t know. They may think I’m crazy, but it won’t be the first time, and I couldn’t care less. I’m old and I’m rich. The smart ones know they’re headed my way and try to pick up some good advice.

“And I never hesitate to give it to them: keep busy. Mix it up. Work out. Get a move on. Go to bed tired, not bored. You don’t want to outlive your usefulness. Time waits for no man. Tick tock, baby. Tick tock.”

  • An OMG from Texas

6 thoughts on “Old Money, Old Age

  1. That’s my philosophy too, except I don’t think of myself as old and rich, I think of myself as middle aged and comfortable.

  2. See, I always say that truly rich are not on Forbes 400 and their names are not publicly known. They go quietly …… one would say like a silver cloud. You sure must be old because you understand “Tick tock” – mechanical, hand winding watches.

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