The UpJourney Article: Core Values

I was recently asked by Carmen Jacob, the Editor-in-Chief at UpJourney, to offer my take on ‘traditional American values’, the Core Values of Old Money that are detailed in The Old Money Book.

I was delighted to offer an introduction for the uninitiated.

You can find the article HERE.


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12 thoughts on “The UpJourney Article: Core Values

  1. You’ve once again taken the time to share a time honored tradition and given a breath of fresh air to it.
    Sir, I applaud your efforts to make this world a better place for us all.

  2. Thank you for another fantastic post! I would add that leaving a place, room or camp site better than you found it is also core value.

  3. Thank you for another fantastic post. I would add that leaving a place, room or camp site better than you found it is also a core value.

  4. Took the OMB off my bookshelf and going to read it cover to cover again. Excellent reminder to importance of education and manners, especially with regard to career. Timeless wisdom that pays dividends, often literally.

  5. It is a well-written and clear article. If some high-school age people will read it, we might have a chance!
    What careers do Old Money thinkers steer their children toward in 2019?

    1. Hi Elle, thank you. My advice for all children is to get an education and follow their passion. All children show an interest in some subject or expertise in some area, even if those are vague and primitive at first. I’d let them steer, and let the parents be the wind in their sails with encouragement and support. – BGT

  6. Dear Byron,

    Thank you for sharing this. As a devoted fan of your first book (I’m working on the rest!), articles like this give me hope that our values will be a force in public life again one day.


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