Old Money and Improve Her Health: The Book List

I’m delighted to have Old Money, New Woman: How To Manage Your Money and Your Life included in Eve O’Rourke’s Book List on the Improve Her Health website.

Please take a moment to visit the site and browse the list Eve’s compiled on The Most Invaluable Self-Help Books for Women.

Thank you, Eve.

And thank you, Members of The Tribe. The book has been so well-received. It’s turning out to be a vital source of information and inspiration for women as they seek to improve their lives, and change the world.

I’m delighted and grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute.

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4 thoughts on “Old Money and Improve Her Health: The Book List

  1. Mr. Tully,

    Thank you for devoting a thoughtful and timely book to women.
    I am a long-time fan of your work and welcome your insights and values. Although the book is directed toward young women entering adulthood, much of it is helpful to all phases of a woman’s life. It would have been nice to find something specifically written for those of us who are mature, mid-career, or empty-nester readers.
    We are a category so often ignored by media and literature. We are still learning, evolving, perfecting, and sometimes stumbling. Some of us find ourselves starting over or suddenly alone, making life choices and navigating the world with a new set of circumstances. Some of us are finally following our dreams and learning just how rewarding and challenging that can be.
    Your books are helpful, firm, and filled with excellent advice and suggestions. Much appreciated.

    Warm regards,
    Simone FM Spinner

    1. Thank you, Ms. Spinner. I’m glad you enjoyed Old Money, New Woman. I’m currently working on a book for men, but you’ve given me something to think about with your comment. I really appreciate your insights and hope they spark some inspiration for a book in the future. – BGT

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