Personal Questions

Is it worthwhile?

Is it my best?

Would I be proud of it?

Would I be ashamed of it?

Would it leave the world a better place?

What is my motivation for doing it?

Would I be required to explain it?

Would I be required to apologize for it?

Would it benefit anyone else besides me?

Would it cause anyone pain?

Is it a means to an end? Or an end to the means?

Feel free to amend the list with your own Personal Questions, i.e., questions which guide your moral and ethical choices.


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10 thoughts on “Personal Questions

  1. The question ‘Would it make the world a better place’ is my foundation’s guiding principle.

    However for me personally, I tend to look up to how generations before me carried themselves when making decisions. My question for myself would be, “How have others before me behaved or acted?”

  2. Does it fall in line with the spirit of the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments? If it does, you are probably good to go. Advice received from my Grandma upon entering Kindergarten. I have never forgotten that lesson, which she routinely reinforced. Her other piece of often-repeated advice was that the heart of good manners is kindness.

  3. When I worked in finance, we were always told before e mailing something to ask ourselves, when in doubt, “Would you want this to end up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal “?!

  4. Would I be hurting my family name?
    Would I be creating bad Karma ?
    Am I breaking the Law?
    What would my 12 year old little boy think?
    What are the long term ramifications?
    Am I doing this for ego purposes only or do I truly care about humanity?

  5. Does one eat well?

    According to Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, “A man is what he eats”.

    Rudolph Steiner mentioned this in his lecture on the “Problem of Nutrition” (Munich, 1909). Worth reading online.

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