12 thoughts on “Old Money Rule

  1. Chanel said it best, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” HA! Hope you had an awesome New Years Byron. Cheers to 2020 =)

  2. The older I get the more trying to hard really has less and less appeal for many reasons. My grandfather never tried hard and was incredibly stylish. It is all the new money wanting to flash logos, and how much that have that try way too hard. Hopefully they will come over to OMG ways!


  3. In the words of the late ‘Kaiser Karl’ Lagerfeld:
    ” Vanity, is the finest form of self-preservation “.

  4. Having found this blog has been a God send and fortunately for me, I havent grown much from my “school days” of uniform dress.

    I dont like labels other than our family crest and as for name brand items, well that’s for those who place value on a shelf that isn’t monitored very well if you were to ask me.

    As I have matured I’ve replaced wearing a jacket with a blazer however, slacks, shirt and a tie (or not) with matching belt and loafers suit me and my career / personal boyhood dress code just fine.

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