The Old Money Guide To Marriage – New Look

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve revamped the cover–and added a couple of photos to the interior–of The Old Money Guide To Marriage. I wanted to let you know about it, in case you or someone you know is in the process of dating, walking down the aisle, or anywhere in between.

It’s a great reference tool–and a great workbook–anyone can use to analyze and assess the viability of a relationship, early on. It’s also a great read for anyone who’s in a relationship and wants to make it better.

While I touched upon some of these relationship issues in Old Money, New Woman, this book really digs deep into what makes people tick, and relationships work.

Side note: as an author, when you come back to something you’ve written a couple of years ago, you tend to read parts of it as a neutral third party. As we were reviewing the book for this update, I was pleasantly surprised at some of the things I’d articulated. ‘Oh, that’s good!’ I said to myself, then remembered that I was the one who’d written it. It’s an odd experience, not an ego trip, and really shows how memory works…or doesn’t. What was I saying….? Oh, yeah…

So if you haven’t picked up your copy already, feel free to grab a copy for yourself, or someone you love, today.


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3 thoughts on “The Old Money Guide To Marriage – New Look

  1. I’ve added it to my Amazon wishlist! The Grand Duchess and I are nearing 14 years of marriage in the almost 20 years since we first met, but I’m always interested in learning ways to (possibly) smooth out the collective path forward. A nicely improved ‘look’ by the way.

    Enjoy the weekend,


  2. This is something that every teenager should have in their possession and read – at a minimum – once a year. I have seen first hand the destruction on a family unit caused by ruinous behaviors from outsiders who darken the doorsteps. Making good companion choices is, I feel, as important as making good financial choices.

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