2 thoughts on “The Father’s Day Gift for Future Fathers

  1. Byron, I finally read Old Money Guide to Marriage and it was wonderful! It was good to clearly see all of the issues important for true compatibility so thoroughly spelled out. Because it’s “unromantic” to sit down and look reality in the eye,irreconcilable differences (incompatible mindsets) continue to be the number one reason for divorce. Couples just jump in and hope the divorce bug doesn’t bite them. Nonsense.
    Spending time on the questions provides valuable self-knowledge even if you’re not spouse shopping!

    Sadly, after reading your book it was clear to me that I have to cross that hot, local news gossip corner guy off my list. Investing in a socially beneficial career is a non-negotiable. I know, I know, I’m a snob. I’d never take this guy’s “Hedda Hopper aspirations” seriously. So, thanks to your book, I now turn off the news before his segment and I won’t let this go a step further. I dodged a bullet. Whew!


    1. Thank you for the kind words about the book, Mary. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Too bad about that TV personality! Could have been the ‘wedding of the century’! Happy hunting! – BGT


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