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  1. I hate tattoos. I hate tattoos. I hate them. They are a big red flag to me when I was looking for my spouse. All of the girls I dated that had tattoos were an absolute disaster. If a picture tells a thousand words, tattoos tell a million. If a person doesn’t respect their own body, then they will never respect you. They also speak volumes of the family they come from for allowing it and/or not setting this value in the child’s head from youth. Wise OMGs would steer clear of this clear red flag and will go to pain staking measures to eradicate this from their life. Full disclosure… I had a small tattoo in my youth and spent good money to remove it. In my head I can still see the tattoo while everyone else says they can’t. Another OMG lesson learned the hard way. Parents dropped the ball. A simple “don’t do that” is never enough. It should be a family value.

    1. Thanks, Dario. I know many people who share your strong dislike for them. I don’t care for them, either, but I cringe just as much when I think of the not-small sums of money spent on them. It’s not something I understand. File me under ‘out of touch.’ – BGT

  2. Here, I respectfully disagree.
    I would like to point out that people have tatoos for many reasons. Some are tribal marks of familial heritage, others are marks of spirituality, and some are about honoring battles fought, and loved ones lost.
    I also respect passions expressed, and know tatoos have often ben considered “taboo”, but some tatoos are much more than “skin deep”…as are the people who wear them.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Hutchinson. You make some very good points. I remember years ago seeing war veterans with tattoos on their arms. You know that you are always welcome to disagree here. I always appreciate your comments. – BGT

  3. Oh my! Can I tell you about an OMG I used to know? Well, she got so tired of always being the ‘good girl’, the ‘good wife’ of a certain lobbyist in DC, always the good hostess, always the one in sweater sets and pearls at DAR . One day, said OMG (which may or may not be me) found herself thinking, ‘For once in my life I’d love to be unpredictable, adventurous and rebellious.’ And there at the intersection, to my right, was a tattoo parlor. And THAT is how I ended up with the name ‘Jay’ on my ankle. I was proud of it for all of 2 hours until ‘Jay’ (that DC lonbyist husband mentioned above) spotted it and all Hades broke loose. That was 10 years ago, our marriage DID survive, but I sure wish I’d never done that. The biggest regret of my life! I’m probably going to have it lasered off soon.

  4. I’m with Dario on this one. Absolutely hate them. I just don’t see the point of them either other than for the owner to say…”see how individual I am.” Who cares. To each his own I guess, but I stand with Dario. I’m out of touch, too, Byron.

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