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  1. Hello Byron,

    To expound on this theme, when people take other people to court seeking revenge under the banner of justice and they so-called ‘win’ their cases, the justice they receive is only a perception in their own minds. In a court of law they do not practice justice. They practice law. The better the practitioner one engages, the better the chances of one achieving that sought after ‘justice’.

    More often than not the people directly affected by the acts of others, often criminal acts, cry out for revenge under the banner of justice. What they’re really crying out for is retribution.

    Wise men and women always keep in mind that ‘Retribution is Mine, and Mine Alone, Sayeth The Lord’.


    1. Very true, David. Per our conversation the other day…I think ‘justice’ is our best effort, a sometimes fair approximation, in settling wrongs done by one party to another. Revenge and retribution are too often a part of the process. The more we recognize their role in the process, the better (hopefully) we can separate them from it and have a more equitable system of, yes, justice. Thank you, sir. Well said. – BGT

  2. In “The Prince”, Machiavelli quoted Louis XII, when he unexpectedly became the king of France: “Le roi de France ne venge pas les injures faites au duc d’Orléans”. The king of France will not avenge the insults made to the duc d’Orléans [his previous title]. Another interesting case of forgiveness is the Siege of Weinsberg, mentioned by de Montaigne in his Essays.

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