Conversation From The Twilight Zone



“J’adore votre ensemble. C’est tres elegant.”

“Merci beaucoup.”

“Vous habitez a Paris?”


“Un Parisien, tres bien!”

“Non, je suis americain.”

“Oh, okay. Hi. Me, too. I’m visiting for Fashion Week.”

“That must be interesting.”

“It is. There’s so much going on. I was just wandering about your outfit. It’s so retro.”

“Thank you, I think.”

“Do you have any style influencers? Points of reference that inspire you?”

“Otter in the movie ‘Animal House’…?”

“I”m sorry?”

“It’s just traditional American style. Natural fabrics, things that I’m going to wear for a long time, that will last, that are functional, and that I won’t look stupid wearing if my picture’s taken today and I have to look at it twenty years from now.”

(Long pause as each assesses the other’s wardrobe.)

“Oh, okay. Well it was nice talking to you.”

“Enjoy Paris.”

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30 thoughts on “Conversation From The Twilight Zone

  1. Forgive my cynicism, but I can’t help but notice a point of irony: The very timelessness that attracted comment, upon investigation turns out to cast the occasion of her(?) visit into irrelevancy. I rather wish she’d been able to rise to the occasion of that thought.

  2. I had stopped my self guided French lessons (where/when would I have an opportunity to use it?- but upon being able to read and understand (albeit not entirely adept at pronunciation) everything you wrote in French, I have decided to get back at it. Thank you, Byron.

  3. That made me laugh aloud! Style never goes out of fashion because it’s never really in fashion and when you have it people tend to look twice without quite knowing why.


  4. I once read something to the effect that for a man, the goal is to dress so that no one notices you because there is nothing wrong or out of place with your outfit. That way, the focus will be on the beauty of the woman that you are accompanying.

  5. I always had a thing for Otter, and his style. Hoover too. Timeless.
    “Eric Stratton, rush chair, damn glad to meet you!”

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