Little Things

When you aren’t busy enough doing something productive, the little things in life will make you crazy.

The size of a person is the size of the issue that warrants their prolonged attention and their strongest emotions.

Are we going to get upset when when we can find a paper clip?

Or are we going to get upset–and motivated–when we realize that global warming is a clear and present danger? Or when our communities don’t have safe drinking water?

We must moderate our anger, harness our indignation.

We must budget our emotions and direct them to the important things.

Little things can wait.

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8 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. One could argue the contrary: little things matter. Remove one keystone and an entire vault will crumble (hence it’s masonic symbolism). This idea can be applied to all aspects of life.

  2. Letting the little things get to you really shows a lack of calm or ease. I’m guilty of this sometime, but it always comes about as a symptom of dissatisfaction!


  3. I’m truly on board with moderating my anger, harnessing my indignation as it is long over due and will happen post haste. As for begetting my emotions s in a work in progress and willing to do a deep dive on it.

    Thanks for the informational awareness.

    – Lee

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