No Justification Necessary

I’ve written in previous posts about eliminating the word ‘should’ from our vocabulary.

When the temptation arises to say, ‘Well, I should do that…’ or ‘You know, I really shouldn’t do that…’, stop.

Do it. Or don’t do it.

In that same vein, as the new year approaches, I think it’s important that we resolve to act in a manner that requires no justification and very little explanation.

Our actions should–ah, there’s that word!–be self evident. Our motivations as to why we make certain choices may require explanation to make them clear to others.

However, when we hear ourselves say, ‘I just wanted to…’ or ‘I was just going to…’ that ‘just’ is the beginning of justification.

We must be harder on ourselves and more forgiving of others in 2020.

Let’s have our actions speak for themselves.

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3 thoughts on “No Justification Necessary

  1. “Harder on ourselves and more forgiving of others” – a mantra I still try to live by as a perpetual New Year’s resolution. I will now include no “Justs”. Thanks Byron. Excellent post as always.

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