The Old Money Book 2nd Edition – Available Now!

I’m happy to announce that the 2nd Edition of The Old Money Book is now available in ebook and paperback formats.

You can visit the Amazon product page HERE.

I wanted to have the hardback and audiobook versions available for you at the same time, but COVID has impacted delivery dates on those two fronts. I consider it the most minor inconvenience, considering what the world is dealing with at present.

Jan, thank you for noticing the book and for saying such kind things about it as you’ve started reading.

Let me offer some insights and details…the 2nd Edition has been expanded and updated in a number of ways. First, the entire text from the original Old Money Book remains, in full and intact. I have inserted “That Was Then. This Is Now.” sections in every chapter, to reflect some changes, both in my personal perspectives and in the world we now live in.

Since the book was first published in 2013, I’ve refined and reconsidered my opinions on a few topics, and I share my new perspectives in the 2nd Edition. I also address a post-pandemic world and how readers can adjust their thinking and their choices to survive–and hopefully thrive–in it.

I’ve included some of the most popular blog posts that I’ve shared over the past 5 plus years in this updated version, and included some key excerpts from The Old Money Guide To Marriage, Old Money New Woman, and Old Money Style.

What I hope results is a comprehensive volume of all things Old Money as we step into this (brave and hopefully better) New World.

Thank you for your loyal, insightful, and joyful participation in this journey. The blog and the books are richer for it. And so am I.

Have a tranquil Sunday, and be safe.

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8 thoughts on “The Old Money Book 2nd Edition – Available Now!

  1. Hello Byron,

    Best of luck on your book. I very much enjoyed your first book, nevertheless I find I may wait a bit before I seek out your updated version.

    This might sound like a small thing, but I am not keen on your secondary title of ‘Secret’s of America’s Upper Class’. I am not at all an American and do not see myself in this title. Perhaps ‘Secret’s of the Upper Class’ would have been more inclusive.

    If there is anything the last four years of American politics has shown your neighbours it is that there is an entire world beyond the United States.

    Having been fortunate enough to have traveled the world many times over, I find that what you wrote of so well in your first book would apply more or less in equal measure to the upper classes in Australia, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdon, and yes, here in Canada.


  2. Congratulations on your new book Byron! I am very much looking forward to reading it. The have the original in paperback and reference it often when I need inspiration to stay the course or reinforce the values we all share here. This pandemic has changed my perspective on some things, but the OM values are timeless and have served well as an anchor to this storm.

  3. Nice work, Byron! Congratulations! I know your readers will be looking forward to this. Like Dario, I’ve seen my perspective on things change, but I’m finding that the OM values are worth holding on to. That will never change.

  4. Are you going to release it in Kindle version? At this current time when post service is unpredictable, having a book delivered in a second is quite a blessing. Thank you.

  5. Congrats Byron! I’ve read The Old Money cover to cover more than once and I look forward to diving into the new edition. I will continue to gift your book to young adults who can benefit over a lifetime from your insights.

  6. Good afternoon Byron. This is a quick email apropos of nothing other than to share that I’m still slowly but steadily enjoying your latest book anew. It was an IMPORTANT book when you wrote the original version but is now irrefutably even more so with your That Was Then; This is Now timely addendums. They are truly extraordinary! I must also tell you that I read with great interest the details of your lifestyle and have to say that – as evidenced by the cover photo of the impeccably trim, fit and handsome author – EXCELLENT WORK SIR!
    And finally – I want to wish you and yours a small, masked, distanced but happy, safe and healthy holiday season! JanB

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