How To Be A Rich Man…or Woman! Audiobook Available!

Great news…

The audiobook version of How To Be A Rich Man…or Woman! is now available.

Just click HERE to order your copy.

This book is a slight deviation from most of my Old Money titles. Of course I discuss how to live wisely and well.

But this volume delivers options and strategies for the accumulation of wealth, plain and simple.

Ideal for the college graduate, the book can also benefit the young professional, the artist, and even the 9-to-5 office worker. I offer three distinct Plans–The 30 Year Plan, The 20 Year Plan, and The 10 Year Plan–for you to consider.

Each Plan, of course, requires different skill sets and levels of ambition. The book is comprehensive in scope and deep in detail. I discuss how to choose your profession or career Path with Occupational Labels; how to formulate an effective and accessible action plan to achieve your goals; and what you can expect in terms of workload, dangers, and rewards, regardless of which Plan you select or which professional Path you choose.

This is not a pie-in-the-sky, anyone-can-do-anything book. It’s an Owner’s Manual for the entrepreneur, the professional, the investor, the saver, or the artist.

So order your print, digital, or audio copy today…or give a copy to that college graduate in your life. It’s a worthwhile investment.


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