Even Rockers Do It: Florence Welch, OMG


Florence Welch, lead singer of the rock band Florence + the Machine, doesn’t exactly live the rock star lifestyle, despite critically and commercial success of the bands first two albums and a few very profitable worldwide tours.

Truth be told, it appears the prep-school educated London native is quite the Old Money Gal. Let’s take a quick inventory of her recent choices:

Instead of plopping a large sum down on a pricey pad in order to confirm her rock star status, she’s been living with her mum and brother until recently, probably saving money.

The place she purchased is not enormous and won’t cost the proverbial arm and a leg to maintain. Bonus: she can still bicycle or walk to her family’s home, which is nearby.

And forget running out to the high-end shops and paying retail for furnishings. Florence reupholstered an old sofa and picked up some armchairs at a local flea market, thank you very much.

Finally, even though Gucci dressed her for a recent tour, her tastes in clothes runs more vintage than glam.

You would have thought she’d read The Old Money Book.


One thought on “Even Rockers Do It: Florence Welch, OMG

  1. I like this. Some glams are on track. But even “grams” like me love those “vintage”

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