Hand-Me-Downs…Old Money Style

Our foreign correspondent David noted a recent article about how Old Money gents make the most of hand-me-down clothes. Obviously, they’re most often not from an older sibling, but the previous generation.

You can read it HERE.

I hope you’re all enjoying a safe and joyful Thanksgiving. There are no Pilgrims in Paris, so here, it’s just Thursday.

Take care. And thank you, David.

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One thought on “Hand-Me-Downs…Old Money Style

  1. I know this is not Savile Row – but after my Uncle passed away, I received a bunch of his ties. He was a highly accomplished Harvard grad who usually dressed ivy/trad style – I love wearing his ties – it connects me back to him. When my aunt passed away, my daughter received one of her necklaces which she absolutely cherishes.

    One of my great takeaways from The Old Money Book is that old clothing is good. Toward this end, I’ve been increasingly buying select vintage pieces of clothing and accessories – i.e. scarfs, shoes, sweaters, hats etc. I love to mix and match modern Brooks Brothers pieces with vintage Brooks Brothers.

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