Old Money: In Their Own Words

“I think a there’s a lot to be said for not getting everything you want in life. Disappointments, regrets, even failures are hardly things to aim for, but they do round a man out. God help the person who is successful at everything. They either have a huge lesson ahead of them or they haven’t set their goals high enough. What’s more, they’re unbearable at parties.”

  • Carl


4 thoughts on “Old Money: In Their Own Words

  1. People who always get what they want in life always seem to be the most offensive people you can meet. They have a sense of entitlement and are demanding beyond where they should be. Being told No is healthy, it teaches you the real world and lays on the cold dread that sometimes you don’t get you want. I want my kids to not be riding around in a luxury car at 20, let them learn to earn something and become better.

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