Old Money, New Socks

Those of you who’ve followed the blog for an extended period will be familiar with my passion for quality socks. I think they’re essential, especially for those of us who live in pedestrian cities.

For years, I loved and adored my LL Bean wool socks. I still consider them a good product and a good value. But, tragically, LL Bean does not offer the 10 inch ragg wool model to customers in France. As the pandemic has prevented me from returning to the US and having a dozen pairs drop shipped to Mommy Dearest, I had to look elsewhere. I went, yes, on Sock Safari.

Luckily, I found a brand of heavy, well-made wool socks that have served me quite well here, and I wanted to share the news with you.

They are from a UK company called Pennine.

The two models that I ordered were the Ranger Boot Sock (in navy blue) and the Poacher Boot Sock (in forest green). The Ranger is a little thicker and a little shorter in the ankle. The Poacher comes a little higher on the leg. Both models are incredibly well made and priced accordingly. (13.95 and 14.95 GBP per pair, plus shipping).

The weave is robust. The construction is top shelf. They hold up well after multiple wearings, washings, and dryings. The elastic retains its hold. The socks don’t slide down on my ankle or into the toe of my shoe as I walk. I also find them to be very comfortable in cold and milder weather.

I wear them with my Allen Edmonds dress shoes and my Adidas athletic shoes. The extra thickness provides additional padding, a welcome relief as I cover at least 2 miles a day here in Paris, often on unforgiving cobblestones. (I can hear the faint chorus of, ‘Oh, poor Byron! He has to walk on those terrible cobblestone streets!’ echoing sarcastically from the blogosphere.)

These socks, dear readers, are worthy of your consideration.

So, ladies and gents, the next time you’re in the market for durable, high quality wool socks, check out Pennine. You won’t be disappointed.

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PS As you know, I rarely recommend products, and I get nothing in return for doing so. (I’m not an influencer.) I only recommend products I’ve had personal experience with.





10 thoughts on “Old Money, New Socks

  1. Thank you. I find the smallest change in etiquette that I make or what I purchase is immediately filtered through and rejected by the class of people I have been raised with and live with. Still I enjoy your books and reading recommendations.

  2. Nice socks like these can save your life. Always wear them. In 2014 like most of us I would wear my loafers or topsiders without them, I would kick them off in the mud room and walk around in bare feet. One day I noticed a dry patch on my foot, but just ignored it. About a week later I woke up shivering with a 102 degree fever. My foot and part of my leg was swollen. I ended up in the Hospital for a day being treated for cellulitis. Those are real nice socks, I prefer gold toe or corgi. Take care of your feet by keeping them covered. In the evening after bathing just put on some nice white quarter length socks. If you have bad knees and can’t do a good job at toenail clipping make a monthly trip to the podiatrist. They will also see any rashes or fungus and take care of it. Most importantly listen to your physician if you have a condition that effects the feet,

  3. Thank you for the recommendation, Mr. Tully. I will certainly look into these the next time we are looking for socks.

    I would also like to offer a personal recommendation to you and your readers for Kane 11 brand socks. We originally saw them advertised in the WSJ and decided to give them a try. They offer Merino options (which we love), and many other blends as well. The socks are made in the US (Connecticut, I believe) and offer individual sizing, so you get a perfect fit.

    We’ve had great luck with them so far. They hold up very well, even running through the tumble dryer many times. The one time we did have an issue (a seam coming undone on a pair of athletic socks), they were replaced immediately, no questions asked.

    Unfortunately, they don’t accept international orders, but I’m sure any number of your readers would be willing to accept and forward an order to France on your behalf!

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